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  • Running Bukkit Server
  • View Map
  • minecraft.pseudogap.com
  • 50 users max
  • PvP, animals and monsters enabled
  • Spawn protection enabled (64 blocks)
  • No whitelist
  • No rules, go nuts!
  • Plugins: Creative Gates, Factions Claims must be connected, blocking creepers, fireballs, and tnt only while offline. (config.json for details)
  • Running Bukkit Server
  • View Map
  • minecraft.pseudogap.com:25566
  • 20 users max
  • No PvP, animals enabled, monsters disabled, always daytime
  • Spawn protection enabled (128 blocks)
  • No whitelist, yet.
  • This server is intended to be a safe and peaceful place to play. Please use language that is appropriate for all ages.
  • Plugins: Creative Gates, Factions Claims must be connected, blocking creepers, fireballs, and tnt at all times. (config.json for details)

If you intend on joining a faction, definitely if you plan on maintaining or creating a faction, I'd recommend you read up on the Faction page, to familiarize yourself with the commands, and it's capabilities. (I'm still learning it myself)

Hacking? Please, no hacks/cheats. I understand this is beta, and there are some serious flaws in the multi-player game, that I'm sure will be addressed, eventually. Play the game as it is intended. If you must hack/cheat - find another server, Thanks.

News: Check back periodically, for updates and info on the server.

12/13/2011 : I've brought the PseudoPlanet server back up, with the latest, stable, version of bukkit. I'll slowly begin testing and adding the plugins back in. The map has been reset, and may end up being reset again before long. I plan on starting PseudoBucket back up as well, but this time as a creative server.

08/02/2011 : Updated nocheats and factions. The biggest change in Factions is the addition of owned land. Admins can set areas of their faction (claimed land) as owned by specific members of the faction. These privately owned areas of their faction can only be modified by the owner (only the owner can build/destroy/use). Check out the help (/f help) for more info, or read up on it on the faction page linked above.

07/13/2011 : Updates bukkit server and all plugins. Tweaked the factions config a bit, to help protect claimed territory while all faction members are offline.

07/11/2011 : I've got the map system worked out so it generates a more manageable map (as far as size and the number of files go). I'm rendering a new map as we speak and will begin uploading it to the webserver as soon as it's complete.

Later today, I'll be updating the minecraft server and all it's plugins, so if the server is down, it shouldn't be down for very long - try back again later. The anti-hack plugin I'm using has some updates that should help cut down on additional types of hacks and block manipulation. Factions also has an update I'll be installing as well, with a few new options I may tweak, later on. It might make for some more interesting battles... ;)

I renamed the Kid's Server to include a broader range of players. It's really intended for anyone, not just kids, that want to play on a peaceful server.

07/09/2011 : Turns out hacking is becoming quite an issue now. I understand more than anyone, what "beta" means, and I'm sure, eventually, mojang will eventually get around to addressing the issues associated with hacking. Considering I started this server with the intention of testing/just for fun (never expecting it to grow into what it is now) I never imagined I'd have to utilize the blacklist. So, that said - I've installed a couple plugins to log the actions of potential hackers. It's pretty obvious who's doing it, and if you enjoy playing on any of my servers, I suggest you stop.

07/08/2011 : Updated to the latest version of Tectonicus. I'm toying around with some options at the moment. I should have the new maps up later today. I will probably end up limiting the area of the PseudoPlanet map that is rendered, just to keep the size down to a decent size. So, if you want your town/buildings/structures shown on the map, be sure to build within the map's radius. If you want to remain hidden, the move outside the radius :) So far, the Kid's World map is small enough, I'm rendering the entire world. I've also added two more layers to the map, for day, night and caves - pretty nifty.

07/07/2011 : Removed the Checst Lock plugin. I think it was causing more issues than what it was worth. People claiming and locking chests that really didn't belong to them, mostly, so basically it didn't help anything at all.

I also created another server, mainly for my kids to play. It's got all the same plugins installed. A huge spawn zone (128 blocks - so you've really got to spread out to build). No monsters, always daytime (unless I forget to pause the clock when I restart the server) and PvP is disabled. The only real restriction I'm going to enforce on this server is the language. Watch your mouth, kids are playing.

07/03/2011 : I updated to the latest stable build of bukkit over the weekend and put the original map back online. Looks like things are running pretty smoothly.

06/30/2011 : Updated to the latest bukkit build, #946, for 1.7 compatibility. It's not a stable build, so... Creative Gates should still be working, and I just updated Factions to 1.3.4 (to work with 1.7) Yay! Pistons and Shears!

Moved the spawn point back to it's original location. Looks like it got moved over water, somehow...

Looks like the server decided to change it's seed. When new sections of the map are generated, the land doesn't quite match up with the original landscape. Very odd, indeed. There's no telling when this happened, or if there's anything that can be done to fix it. I'll have to do some digging to see if this can be fixed.

I found the original seed from an old backup. I updated the level.dat to see if that fixes the proble. I'm also updating to the lates bukkit, now 950. Probably just a heads up, I'll be keeping on top of the updates as much as I can until they release a stable build.

Ok, looks like the pistons are really fouling things up. I'm just going to run a temporary map until they release a stable version of bukkit that's compatible with 1.7.

06/28/2011 : Updated to the latest stable build of bukkit (935). This update broke the Ancient Gates plugin. An alternative was made available by the same author, called Creative Gates. This plugin allows anyone to create portals. If you're interested, read up on it here.

06/27/2011 : In the next day or so, I'll be upgrading to the latest bukkit build. However, it's going to break the Ancient Gates plugin I'm using for in-game portals. There is a replacement, but it's going to take me a little time to get the portals set back up. The neat thing about the new portal plugin is that anyone will be able to create portals to different areas of the map. All it takes is the right material, and a little imagination.

Also, just a side-note about the server itself. The server is being hosted on an "extra" server we are running at work for development/testing and such. We've been making a lot of network changes, virtualizing some of our servers, mainly, shuffling things around (hardware and software), etc, that has required us to bring down and restart the server rather frequently over the past several days. We should be wrapping up the bulk of the changes tonight, so if all goes as planned, there should be no more unexpected server restarts after that... well, unexpected from the player's point of view.

06/07/2011 : Looks like the server has been running pretty smoothly the past several days. I recently completed an application that will help me update the map, so expect to see more frequent map updates from here on out.

05/26/2011 : Yep, I know 1.6 has been released, but there is not a stable version of a compaitble Bukkit server available yet. The moment there is one, I'll update the server. Until then, you'll have to stick with 1.5.

05/23/2011 : Minecraft 1.6 should be out later this week - Wednesday or Thursday. I'm running Bukkit server, so that doesn't mean Pseudo Planet will be upgraded to 1.6 the moment the new update is released. You'll want to check here to make sure I've updated the server before you go updating your Minecraft client. The patch notes have a lot of much needed changes and bug fixes, specifically with network performance. Hopefully the server won't be such a bandwidth hog when 1.6 comes out...

Also, Bukkit released another version that sounds like it could address some issues with users being able to fly, even though I have that turned off in the server configs. I'm probably just going to wait until a 1.6 version of Bukkit is released before I update again... yeah, I'm lazy.

I'm tinkering with making a couple plugins, simply because I can't find anything else that does exactly what I want. I'll let you know what they are and what they'll do, when I get a little farther along with them... as much as I procrastinate, it might be a while before I get them online ;)

One last thing, I am working on a way to automate the map updates, so I can update the map on a more regular basis. If I get this thing working, I'll set it up to update the maps on a daily basis.

As always, keep checking back here, for updates 'n stuff. Looks like we're getting a pretty big and steady user base - glad you guys are enjoying the server :)

05/09/2011 : Tweaked some server settings to see if we can get a handle on some of the lag issues. Updated the map, too.

05/04/2011 : Expanded the safe zone around the spawn point to 64 blocks. Also, restored the spawn area to it's original condition. There were a few structures within this area that were lost, sorry about that. I'll be adding more ports and placing chests containing basic tools and equipment within the safe zone. Oh, and if you didn't know already, I've been placing loot filled chests around the world.